Five Terrifying Musicians That Aren't Even A Little Scary
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    Music has the ability to make us feel all kinds of ways, and in more than a few cases it can make us feel terrified. Think about a horror movie without the background music: it's just a chick washing her hair and blood just happens to start coming out of the faucet, or it's just a guy that casually finds a demon child in his kitchen cabinet. Whatever. But add music and suddenly our stomachs are in our mouths and we're hiding behind our kid sister.

    Now think about heavy metal music. Add a frontman in chains and face makeup and lyrics about summoning the devil and you got a recipe for one truly horrifying musical experience, but just like a scary movie it's not real. Even the most terrifying metal god has a warm, fuzzy side.

    1. Alice Cooper

    Known as one of the first heavy metal rockers, Cooper, would dress in dark clothing,chains, and thick makeup and singing. His "Shock Rock" style came as an accident when a fan threw a live chicken on stage and Cooper threw it back into the audience, but by the time it reached their adoring hands the bird was torn to shreds. His act also included using fake guillotienes and electric chairs during performances. Creepy, but not always.
    During his hayday Alice Cooper made an appearance on the most shocking show of all: The Muppets. Check out this actually adorable clip of the rocker dancing with puppet monsters and talking with Kermit the Frog.

    2.Dee Snider

    As the frontman of the band Twisted Sister, Dee Snider would donn thick crazed clown makeup and incorporate women's clothing into his ensembles. He is credited as one of the pioneers of heavy metal music and overcoming American censorship laws, but as the years went on Dee found another platform to display his antics: reality TV. Soft. Here's the incredibly cheesey intro to his show "Growing Up Twisted" that aired on A&E in 2010. Unfortunately, this masterpiece only ran one season, but the theme song remains!

    3.Ozzy Osbourne

    Come On! The man is known as "The Prince of Darkness." He will go down in history as the psycho rocker that bit the head off a bat, but the first terrifying rocker to fall down the reality TV well was Ozzy Osbourne with "The Osbournes". Unlike Dee's one season wonder, "The Osbournes" ran for four seasons and launched careers for his wife Sharon, daughter Kelly, and son Jack. On the show we could see the Prince of Darkness enjoy drugs like nitrous oxide…at the dentist or overcoming the constraints of the…universal remote control. In this clip Ozzy battles a ferocious kitty cat and I hate to say it, but the cat wins.

    4.Marilyn Manson

    At one point some people might have actually believed that Manson was actual Satan himself walking around Los Angeles. Know to have removed his bottom two ribs for…immoral purposes…this clip shows the king of the goths in a slightly different light.

    5.Rob Zombie

    The former frontman of White Zombie and famed director of some of the most cringe endusing horror films around enjoys a quiet life in Connecticut, and quiet is how he would like to keep it! In this news clip Rob Zombie gets all bent out of shape about some kids skateboarding in the park behind his mansion. So much for sticking it to society.

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