Polica Shulamith
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2013

    • Posted by: Anton Barcelo

    Minneapolis-based Polica's debut record Give You The Ghost introduced us to their mellow yet stealthy music that makes you doze off, but suddenly jolts you with explosions of drum beats. Some instruments of choice include the gangsta funk-synthesizer, the auto tune-plugin, and double drum kits. On top, there is Channy Leaneagh's versatile voice, which reverberates like in a fever dream.

    Polica's sophomore album, Shulamith, sounds like the soundtrack to a late-night, very drunk cab ride, when streetlights blur into double vision. Every note is left ringing, forming background ambiance to the next one, and sharp, tight hihats cut the ambiance into tiny pieces. This works particularly well on certain tracks, like the single "Tiff," which features guest vocals by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, another pioneer of the creative auto tune. An additional, successful song is "Warrior Lord," which is some of the dreamiest music Polica has produced.

    After a while, however, the thick carpet of sound that Polica builds, ever so slowly, becomes tiring. Around the 10th track, "Matty," I found myself wishing they would unhook the echo unit and dare let the vocals and keyboards dry out, if only for variation. I get the feeling some tracks on Shulamith would not sound like much if it weren't for the effects. But does it matter? This is music to be enjoyed in a live setting; consider the album as an alert to buy tickets to your first Polica show.

    Shulamith is out now on Mom + Pop. Get your copy here.

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