Stream: Kasabian (Lana Del Rey Cover)
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    Consuming virally, Lana Del Ray's psuedo-soulful "Video Games" has been hard to shy away from. "Video Games" has earned multiple re-dos and tinkering by other artists. Odd Future have served up a bestial remix, while Joy O uses Lana Del Day's tones as the hyped hook for a house remix. Recorded for a BBC1 Radio's Live Lounge, Kasabian hopped on the bandwagon in their sweet and relatively straight version. After their working, her sugar-coated huge hit is now a Brit-folk song, with lucid guitar and smaller acoustic ambitions. Accompanied only by strumming and their ubiquitous keyboards, instead of seducing huskily, Kasabian use "Video Games" to snatch hearts, speeding up the chorus slightly to magnify the tune's haunting melody.

    Kasabian's most recent LP, Velociraptor!, is out now.

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