Out and About: Blitzen Trapper
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2011

    • Posted by: Dominick Sorrentino

    Blitzen Trapper, Dawes and Belle Brigade rocked the Royale Friday night in Boston. The show had the feel of a classic-rock throwback session—we even heard some Zeppelin before the night was over. The audience was engrossed when Dawes came on. Lead singer and guitarist Taylor Goldsmith rocked his way through powerful guitar solos and punchy drum beats. His vocals even approached the realm of soul a few times during the performance. Dawes commanded enough of the audience's attention, which seemed to be rife with long-time fans who knew all the words, to be their own act.

    That's not to say Blitzen Trapper didn't bring thunder to the stage. They opened with "Might Find it Cheap," off American Goldwing, released in September. They weren't thrifty on playing tunes from Furr, much to the pleasure of the audience. They powered through Sleepytime in the Western World for their second song, and lead singer Eric Earley invited everyone to sing along before playing "Furr."

    With all the guitar solos, finger tapping, and floor-pounding drumbeats, it's hard to believe the chandeliers hanging above the dance floor didnt come crashing down. The set list was crafted with a powerhouse rock show in mind. Fortunately, this didn't mean overkill extended guitar solos, as Blitzen Trapper chose to play it close to the studio. This didn't stop them from closing out with their homage to classic rock, covering Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times." It was hardly a surprise. Between the number of fans wearing Zeppelin shirts, lead guitarist Erik Manteer's Les Paul, and Earley's Gibson SG, we all knew it was only a matter time before a Zep tune made a cameo. Check out some pictures and the set list below.


    Might Find It Cheap
    Sleepytime in the Western World
    Wild Mountain Nation
    Love the Way You Walk Away
    God & Suicide
    Girl in a Coat
    My Home Town
    Your Crying Eyes
    Miss Spiritual Tramp
    Black River Killer
    Taking it Too Easy Too Long
    American Goldwing
    Street Fighting Sun

    Stranger in a Strange Land
    Big Black Bird
    Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin cover)

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