album review: love is all - a hundred things keep me up at night
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2008

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    No, that's not Dick Dale sliding down the guitar neck on "New Beginnings"...though that doesn't mean the opening track of Love is All's excellent new disc A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night (What's Your Rupture?) doesn't set a totally tubular kind of tone from the get go. Devoted fans and newcomers alike: prepare yourselves for giddy gobs of party starting pop from listen one. Electric tempos, gigantic breakdowns, spazzed out saxophone lines, "ba ba ba's" galore, and Josephine Olausson's faintly accented vocal yelps all help to minister the group's second recorded outing a genuine success. ..Keep Reading.. - david pitz

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    MP3: Love is All:: Wishing Well - A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night
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