ARTIST TO WATCH: Breakout Singer Sabrina Claudio is Astonishing
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    Four years ago, this Miami-bred artist was uploading covers of various pop/R&B songs to Twitter and YouTube, putting her own flare on Frank Ocean songs. Now, she's really making her mark in the R&B world; most recently becoming Apple's Up Next artist.

    Sabrina Claudio creates an intoxicatingly intimate atmosphere, making you feel as if she's confiding her most treasured secrets to you. There's a sophisticated seductiveness that is incredibly cleansing and nurturing to listen to. Though she evokes a smooth R&B sound, she takes influences from a blend of genres, telling Billboard, "I listen to a lot of R&B music, obviously. But jazz, and bossa nova music, too. I get influenced by honestly anything, whether it be artists or sounds, or certain production." Her EP Confidently Lost, was released in March 2017 and invited us in with her distinctively velvety vocals and in-depth introspection. The title song, "Confidently Lost", runs like a sort of mantra, with lyrics, "I am confidently lost/I don't need you to find me/You don't define me." The song is a meditation on self-love, a theme that runs through much of her music.

    Then, in early October, she released her follow-up project called About Time, which rose to the top of R&B charts on iTunes. She stuns with her breathtaking vocals on songs like "We Have Time," and "Stand Still," which, like much of the project, focus on the concept of time regarding herself and relationships. Her breathy vocals glide flawlessly on top of catchy loops, in songs such as "Belong To You," which was also remixed with 6lack. Her music overflows with familiar sensations and visuals, like soaking in a candle-lit bath or gently stroking rose petals off of a fresh bouquet. She stirs up a soothing sensuality.

    She is currently on tour with 6lack, performing in the U.S., Canada, and Bolivia. Wow, she's off to a spectacular start. Keep an eye on this soulful songstress to see what's next.

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