9 Amazing Halloween Costumes Worn by Music's Biggest Superstars
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    Got your costume ready!? If not, you still have a day to prepare for Halloween! In the meantime, you can get some quick inspiration from these artists who have previously provided us with some festive costume ideas. Regardless of whether or not you'd wear any of these outfits, you can certainly bet that these costumes will have you chuckling, applauding, and occasionally asking... What were they thinking? Let's take a look at some memorable Halloween costumes over recent years.

    1. Drake as Borat

    It's always fun to dress up as a movie character, and this costume is no exception. Here, Drake transforms into Sacha Baron Cohen's controversial and wildly crude character, Borat. Drake nails it with the iconic mustache and thumbs-up. As Borat would say, this costume "is nice!"

    drake borat

    2. Ed Sheeran as Austin Powers

    Another movie character here, and it's groovy, baby! Here, Ed Sheeran throws it way back by dressing up as the shagadelic International Man of Mystery. Austin Powers was my first PG-13 movie ever, so this costume is automatically a winner for me. Just one question, Ed. Do you have your mojo?

    ed sheeran austin powers

    3. Katy Perry as a Cheeto

    Katy Perry often brings it with her signature candy-licious outfits, but this time she selected savory over sweet. Here, she dresses up as a Cheeto, and finishes off the look with a Cheetos trick or treat bag. Crunch, crunch.

    4. Beyonce and Jay-Z as Barbie and Ken

    She's a Barbie girl, in a Queen Bey world. Beyonce and Jay-Z slay here with their spot-on Barbie and Ken costumes. Those sunglasses, that suit, those poses... they are even encased in boxes! To top it all off, Blue Ivy joins in to make this a fierce family affair.

    5. Ariana Grande as a Cow

    Ariana has a deep-rooted obsession with Halloween, and it's apparent when she performs (hello, cat ears!). I never thought a cow could be cute, until Ariana strutted this look on Ellen. Holy cow, this costume really moooooo-ves me!

    ariana grande cow

    6. Demi Lovato as a Zombie... or something

    Demi is seriously creeping me out here, but isn't that the point of Halloween? She's hardly recognizable here with bloody wounds, dark circles, and a terrifying, terrifying stare. Wonderful theatrics here, Demi, just please don't haunt me in my sleep.

    demi lovato zombie

    7. DNCE as Cruella de Vil and Dalmatians

    Dalmatian Domination! DNCE puts a group-spin on a Halloween classic. The costumes are certainly impressive, but what really gets me lol'ing is the leash. Oh, and those facial expressions. Way to go, squad.


    8. Lady Gaga as a Ghost

    Lady Gaga has had some highly dramatic Halloween-esque costumes over the years...mostly when it wasn't Halloween (meat dress, egg entrance, anyone?). So the minimal effort put into this Halloween costume is naturally ironic and hysterical. Here, she gives us her best Ghost, by covering herself in a gigantic white sheet. I'm thinking Gaga hit a dead end with this one.

    gaga ghost

    9. Rihanna as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

    We all know Rihanna is a risk-taking fashionista, always flaunting some sort of uniquely edgy ensemble. So, it's no surprise that she went all out here on Halloween with this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume. RiRi makes sci-fi sexy, and this bold look has me shell-shocked!

    rihanna teenage mutant

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