Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio Gives Us The Scoop On His Solo Debut
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Last week we let you in on Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio's delightful little secret. Baio's solo debut The Names was released last month via our friends at Glassnote Records. It's a surprising listen...especially if you can't see past the whole, "he's the bass player" thing. Because Baio is so much more; a songwriter, a musician, a DJ, a producer. He channels it all through his album and the session we captured during his visit to Industry City, BK.

    During the session we also sat down with Baio to source out some of the inspirations that cipher through his project and the album he just released. It was a long process...just getting comfortable with his voice took 3 years. Once he had that, he was rolling though, referencing classic art rock, early techno music, psychedelia, and pop all at once. "On my record I wanted it to be the case that if you were to jump 5 minutes forward at any point, it would kind of make no sense," Baio told us. "How could these sounds coexist on the same record? But if you were to go back and listen over the course of those five minutes it'd make complete and perfect sense." It's a fascinating conversation with an extremely multi-faceted artist you probably thought you had pegged. Oh, how these pesky musicians surprise you sometime.

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