Ariana Grande Indulges In the Fun In 'Focus' Video
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2015

    • Posted by: Erin Walsh

    "Okay so don't judge me..." my roommate started to tell me last night as she was looking at her phone and I thought, "What could this possibly be about?" If she were to think a disaster like me could judge anyone on anything, it would have to be good. "I follow Ariana Grande on Instagram and it's not that I really like her...but she's been counting down to this new video and she's making me excited so I have to watch it." I started laughing, one, because she was so embarrassed that she followed Ariana Grande on Instagram, and two, because why in the world would I judge her? Ariana Grande is adorable; what's wrong with following her Instagram?

    From watching her video, my answer to that question is, nothing. Nothing at all is wrong with following her on Instagram if it's half as fun as her latest video "Focus." Apparently the Ariana fan club has been anxiously awaiting the release of "Focus," and I don't think they'll be disappointed. The video is exactly what you'd expect from the 22-year-old singing powerhouse. Loaded with horns and the classic Ariana Grande high-pitched, squeals throughout the song, Grande is aggressive, sexy, and colorful in this surprise release.

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