Mark Kozelek Fires Back With 'Adam Granofsky Blues'
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Sun Kil Moon, a.k.a. Mark Kozelek might just be a psycho. Earlier this fall he started what has become a flaming feud with Philadelphia psych rockers The War On Drugs when he dropped some of his famously abrasive shit talk—he called their music "beer-commercial lead-guitar shit"— at the Ottawa Folk Festival.

    What transpired was a month and a half long battle, fought mostly online, and mostly by Kozelek. The man, who put in on like he was too cool for this online shit ("I don't have Twitter or Facebook (I make albums) so if you're interested in having a laugh with me onstage, contact my publicist Robert Vickers"), stoked the fire a few times by taking the piss in what seemed like good fun, while mum was heard from The War on Drugs. Elementary School Playground Politics 101: Ignoring bullies will only get your ass beat worse.

    Adam Granduciel, frontman of The War on Drugs, finally spoke publicly about the feud to a Sweedish music blog. Turns out Kozelek was playing both sides, and Granduciel gave a frustrated run down of the back and forth behind the blog posts. Not a day later Sun Kil Moon puts out another diss track, "Adam Granofsky Blues," in which he giggles like a maniac through a verbatim reading of Granduciel's comments while strumming his guitar. The title refers to Granduciel's given last name. Give it a listen via Stereogum:

    Kozelek's an asshole, Kozelek's a grouch, and Kozelek might be a fucking psychopath.

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