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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2009

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    One of the truest testament's to our beloved local scene, New York has nurtured an incredible number of fearless musicians and bands, providing supportive communities open to embracing those who dare dabble in experimental song craft. In recent years, that's meant local hero status (and international acclaim) for many of our artists (you know the names), pushing rock experimentation to exciting new levels, thrilling music fans the world over with incredible, avant garde touches, and challenging listener's perspectives of what a song can be along the way. Yet through the sheer volume of these acts, it's sometimes easy to forget the beauty of those amongst us who embrace the classic roots of American rock...which is why we're so happy to have recently been introduced to The Cringe.

    Filmed last Spring at Rachael Ray's Watch Entertainment Showcase at Piano's (the culinary superstar calls The Cringe's leading man John Cusimano her hubby), this enthusiastic performance channels classic guitar rock to an indie-centric room, reminding all those in attendance of the tried and true merits of strait laced, bar room rock and roll. Also featuring SNL House Band/session drummer extraordinaire Sean Pelton on the kit, the band's performance provides an extraordinary opportunity to witness the deliberate craftsmanship of a group of skilled professionals all working together to thrill and audience all at once. We promise...there is nothing to cringe about here.

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    VIDEO: The Cringe - Live at Piano's

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