5 Clicks Or Less To Beyonce Proves She Is The Center Of The World
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 03, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    I have a confession to make- I'm a procrastinator. It's a personality flaw that's caused countless stressful situations and unnecessary issues in my life. However, there's good and bad sides to almost everything, and I think that I've finally found the upside to my bad habit. You see, I've made a groundbreaking scientific discovery! I can now confidently say…

    Beyoncé is officially the center of the world!

    Shocking, I know.

    So how did procrastinating help me make this (totally unexpected) discovery? I'll explain. See, there's this game that some procrastinators like to play. (And if you know it, don't try to convince me you're not one of us.) It's called the Wikipedia game. Here's how it's played.

    (1) You go to a random Wikipedia page. If you really want to be fair about this, you use the actual "random page" button. If you're avoiding work, you start on whatever page you're supposed to be actually reading.

    (2) Using the least amount of clicks possible, get to another, predetermined page.

    For an example, say you were researching Norse Mythology (for whatever reason), and you were on Thor's Wikipedia page. If you were trying to get from… say… Thor to Barack Obama, you could go

    Thor ->
    Marvel Studios ->
    Right of First Refusal ->
    Democratic Party ->
    Barack Obama

    And that's it! It's an ideal game to play for a procrastinator, because sometimes you actually get enough motivation to start studying and open Wikipedia, and this game gives you an excuse to get sidetracked for several more hours.

    But (I hear you cry), what the hell does this have to do with Beyoncé? Well, it turns out that if your goal is to make it to Beyoncé, you can always do it in 5 clicks or less! That's right- Beyoncé is no more than 5 degrees separated from literally every known thing. Ok maybe not literally, but close. Wikipedia is pretty freaking comprehensive. For an example, did you know that they actually have an entry for the Wikipedia game? (Wikipedia Game -> Internet -> Social Media -> Celebrities -> Jay-Z -> Beyoncé).

    I learned a lot about the Wikipedia game from Wikipedia, including that one of the original versions of this game was called "5 Clicks to Jesus." (Jesus -> Mother Mary -> Madonna (art) -> Madonna -> Honorific Names in Pop Music -> Beyoncé) Well, I guess nothing's changed.


    Here are a few more, using the random article button, for science.

    Teeth ->
    Humans ->
    Music Genre->
    Billboard ->
    Mainstream Top 40 ->

    Edmond Rugova ->
    Turkey ->
    Western Culture ->
    Music Video ->

    Try it yourself! I'm sure there's a few articles, somewhere deep in the dark (Darkness-> Western World-> Mass Media-> Music Video-> Beyoncé) corners of Wikipedia, where Beyoncé is further than 5 clicks away. But so far I haven't found them. Maybe together we can unite and disprove my theory based on the power of crowdsourcing (Croudsourcing-> Reddit-> YouTube-> Billboard Hot 100 -> Contemporary Hit Radio -> Beyoncé). But for now, Beyoncé continues to reign supreme. All hail the queen.
    (Queen-> Queen(Band)-> Pop Rock-> African American Music-> Beyoncé).

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