HIGHLIGHTS: Day 2 of The Meadows Music & Arts Festival
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 03, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    As opposed to the calm and comfortable first day of Meadows, the second day took a slight turn for the worse - mainly because of Kanye and a better lineup in general. In addition to Ye, it included Chance The Rapper, Mac Miller, Robert Delong, Cage The Elephant, and more. Sunday sold out way faster than Saturday because of this and it showed. The lines for Kanye merch were horrifyingly long, the crowds at each stage were plumped up, and you couldn't walk anywhere without bumping into at least one person. The good thing is that we caught a lot of really great acts - so here are our favorites from Sunday.

    It might have been an ungodly hour (12:30 PM) but that didn't stop pop duo Coast Modern from rocking out like it was 8:00 PM. They strung out chorus after chorus on a stage lightly decorated with plants, bringing a sunny vibe to cloudy Queens all the way from Los Angeles. Even though we were just waking up, there were some pretty dedicated fans front row belting every lyric. Zella Day was the first act to hit the main stage, but unfortunately Kanye fans were already starting to secure their spot, some even sat on the ground while she performed. She called them out and told them to stand up and enjoy the music, which was respectable.

    Chairlift took on the Linden Blvd stage with complete confidence. Singer Caroline Polachek wore the most mesmerizing outfit which was a hot pink skirt/pant and a pure white shirt with a matching jacket. Patrick Wimberly switched between the drums, bass, and vocals, as they played their popular cuts "Show U Off," Romeo," "Crying in Public," and "Moth to the Flame." Polachek couldn't stop smiling and dancing around the stage. She said endearing things like "Shouldn't you all be at church right now? Well... This is kind of like it," and "What's that train over there? The 7? How great is that that you can take the 7 to a festival?" Robert Delong entered the stage and owned the shit out of it. He juggled two and a half drum kits plus several video game controllers that were somehow programmed to make music. The crowd was hypnotized by the one man show - musician or magician? He was one of the most unique acts of the weekend.

    Jack Garratt was another definite highlight of the weekend. He came out with a powerful intro as he played inside his small, cozy space made up of a drum kit, keyboard, and sample machines. He hit insane high notes and banged on the drums. After the first song, all of his gear somehow stopped working and became inaudible, so he did what any class act would do. He screamed, "Fuck technology, right? Give me the guitar," and a stagehand gave him his guitar. He started playing ferociously (which, by the way, he is SO good at guitar) as his techies stood on stage, fixing his gear. After one or two songs and a bunch of fucking around, his gear was fixed and he carried on with the show. He dove right back into his set, hitting some favorites like "Far Cry," "The Love You're Given," and of course, "Worry." He somehow sang, played piano with one hand, drums with the other hand, AND danced all at the same time?

    Kanye West arrived on stage thirty-five minutes late. It was egotistical and irritating and I almost left, but then he started playing and I forgot all about it. He started with "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1," how could you not get hyped? The whole crowd was screaming the lyrics so loud, I could barely hear Kanye. He bathed in an orange glow as the stage that he usually stands on was floating over him, refit for the festival. Then he went into short cuts of "Pt. 2" and "Famous." He threw in some covers like Drake's "Pop Style," ScHool Boy Q's "THat Part," G.O.O.D Music's "Don't Like," and went through his entire discography before leaving midway "Heartless" due to Kim Kardashian being robbed in her Paris hotel room. Although he started late and ended early, he still used that small amount of time to remind us of just how many good songs he has.


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