Premiere: A Warehouse Session With Kiev
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 03, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Post-punk, funk, prog, jazz, jam, indie, minimalist, and afrobeat styles...these are the musical designations OC outfit Kiev declare as their own. For some bands so many influences can make for one murky mess of a listen, but in this live capture of "Ariah Being" from the band's practice spot it's clear that's not the case here. These dudes encourage you to listen in close, take stock of everything going on and pull away to experience the gigantic sum of their parts. It all works in big ways...the killer quadrupled groove, the ambient slices of guitar, the spastic, jazzy sax/piano freakout...clutter on paper, ecstatic in the ears. So far the band can only claim a 3 song EP to their name. Come October 22nd though, they'll add a full-length debut to the resume with the release of Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth.

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