Allow Menomena To Show You Just What Goes Down In The Desert
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 03, 2012

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    Menomena's Justin Harris and Danny Seim endure quite the journey in their new video for "Plumage".

    The video starts off with naked legs walking through the desert. Not so sure if there's any clothing there or not, but before we can wonder too much, they go through multiple costume changes. If only life granted us all with multiple outfits as we made our way through the desert...

    After a few outfits, it seems as if our two bizarre characters are channeling both "The Dude" and Hugh Hefner in their respective variations of robe-style. Suddenly, a beer appears! A glass of courvoisier! More beer! Liquor! A keg! Why isn't life really like this?

    For some added flavor, let's tack on a mustache, and a chest tattoo while we're at it. Then we're onto dabbling with professions: superhero, fireman, tennis pro, ski master, that a swamp monster?

    When Harris and Seim finally reach one another, they're back in their underwear.

    All in a day's work, my friends.

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