Melanie Martinez Creates Confrontational Art On Conan
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    It's weird to think of pop music as confrontational. It's specifically designed to fire on the parts of your brain that processes repetitious information and pleasant sounds. But pop absolutely can get in your face. Rihanna's "B**** Better Have My Money" is one of the more notable examples of the year, but this goes all the way back to Madonna having sex with a black (which is more historically correct than a white) Jesus in the video for "Like A Prayer" and even pre-Madge as well. And Melanie Martinez is a pop star today using her platform as an opportunity to subvert and destroy notions of femininity in pop music.

    Melanie Martinez dropped by Conan and showed him and his audience what we've known for a while. She uses hyper-exaggerated visuals of teen/pre-adolescent girls to confront how uncomfortably sexualized and objectified women of all ages in America are treated. And the performance itself is a hypnotic piece of "live performance as spectacle" art including Martinez (hopefully pantomiming) washing her own mouth out with a bottle of soap to match the chorus of the song.

    And watch our session with Martinez below.

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