Gwen Stefani Stumbles In Comeback Video
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2015

    • Posted by: Frankie McSweeny-Glynn

    I remember being six and watching my school's cheerleaders choreograph a routine to "What You Waiting For?". I remember listening to The Sweet Escape every day on my way home from school when I was eight. So when I heard Gwen Stefani released a new song, I mentally prepared myself to fall in love with her all over again. But honestly? I've gotta admit, I'm disappointed. The song itself isn't awful. It's underwhelming, and the lyrics remind me of the love songs I used to write in middle school, but it's not an awful song. The video, however, is confusing at best.

    The concept of the video for "Used To Love You" is pretty simple: a single take of Gwen herself, possibly listening to her own song. But I can't tell what the fuck she's doing. She keeps moving around like she's trying to get comfortable, but she's all too aware of the camera. Her eyes keep darting back to the lens whenever she turns away, and her poses remind me of every teenager's "photoshoot" in Photo Booth. She's poised, almost uncomfortably so, and every few seconds she looks like she's about to pretend to cry. I can't tell what this video reminds me more of, a really bad makeup commercial for some smoky eye palette sold at Rite Aid, or a Lifetime movie about a teenage girl who's being cyberbullied. "Used To Love You" is an unremarkable song, and the video feels like tribute to Gwen Stefani, made by Gwen Stefani.

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