5 Great Live Collaborations
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    One of the coolest things happening in music today is the constant string of videos arising of artists bringing out their industry peers on stage for unexpected collaborations. Whether that's Beyonce and Eddie Vedder performing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" at the Global Citizen Fest or Taylor Swift's "squad goals," going to a concert today means there's always a chance to see more than just the performer you bought a ticket for. And so we thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of some of our favorite live collabs in recent years.

    Deftones with Hayley Williams - "Passenger"

    The Deftones are remarkable. They manage to integrate styles with style, like none other. "Passenger" is off their record White Pony and features Maynard Keenan from Tool as a guest vocalist. But during this festival, replacing Maynard, was just as much a surprise to me when I discovered the video, as it is to you now. Hayley Williams. Yep, the Paramore goddess sings with the Deftones. And I think the female touch on this song is spectacular. Minus the shakey footage and iffy sound quality, if you listen to the original piece and compare, Williams' voice is angelic and nervous -- words that could also be used to describe some of the Deftones music.

    Taylor Swift and The Rolling Stones - "As Tears Go By"

    Not much explanation needed. This is incredible. There's a video of me somewhere in my toddler days wearing Casper underwear with face paint on shaking my finger like Mick singing "Satisfaction" (we couldn't find a full video of Swift and Jagger during her "1989" tour.). Now, a woman (okay a woman who happens to be a mega pop star) just a year or two older than me is singing WITH him...Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, I'm a little jealous. But it's good. And probably such a humbling privilege, so more power to Swift and the Stones for being, well, the Stones.

    Yelawolf ft. Travis Barker - "Pop The Trunk"

    Travis Barker was one of my first drum influences. There was an issue of 'Rhythm' magazine from like, April of '05 with him on the cover, his foot up on the kick drum, and the Cadillac emblem on the head of his kick like it was a damn Deville. That picture, Travis himself; it changed my life. So this collab is really, really dope for me. I think after DJ A.M. passed away, Travis probably thought he would never find another partner, or friend for that matter, like A.M. But Yela is perfect. His energy, his persona? Barker is a really pattern based drummer. He's not playing off tempo, or chopping out the whole time. He plays beats -- clean, and sharp beats. That drum machine type playing is ideal for hip hop. Although they do have records together, this isn't from that -- it's Barker complementing the shit out of Yela's songs. The pop on the snare in "Pop The Trunk" is triple times better played by Barker, versus the gangster clap that's on the record. So ride dirty to this; just don't make me go pop the trunk...on you.

    Coldplay with Alicia Keyss - "Clocks"

    Although I wish Alicia Keys did vocals on this, how cool is it that Alicia Keys is playing piano with Coldplay?! Plus (as Chris Martin deems her, besides his wife of course) she is the prettiest woman in the world. Two beautiful people performing a beautiful piece. Priceless.

    Frank Ocean with John Mayer - "Thinkin' Bout You"

    Two of my favorite musicians. When I first heard "Thinkin' Bout You," I couldn't get over it. Frank Ocean's soothing voice is a whirlwind discussing the sea, and love, and the future. He's a poet; and anything John Mayer does has my praise. He's one of the few musicians to play jazz music, yet still be considered a "pop" artist. That's talent. Both musicians are extremely diverse, and this is a prime example. Frank Ocean's voice like red wine, and John Mayer's stratocaster is the ear-to-ear smiles you exchange with your lover when that glass of (Ocean's) red wine is circling the bottom, and you're about to head to a different room.

    Okay, and here's just one for you to smile at. Now that's one hell of a live collaboration. (Tosh.O would have something like this.)

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