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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010

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    The wide-open landscape and personality of Local Natives is often reflected in their empire of sounds and harmonies (and their we-all-live-together comradery). In the video for "Who Knows, Who Cares", the band's musical aesthetic is taken quite literally as the gang adventures in the great outdoors and has a food-fight followed by a bonfire, fueled by a little recreational brain-cell slaughter. It looks like fun!

    That was a fancy way of saying, this video is probably about drugs.

    "Who Knows, Who Cares":

    Local Natives remain one of our favorite things to emerge from the CMJ pile in 2009, and Gorilla Manor has spent the better portion of 2010 on repeat. Check out our full length Local Natives show when they played Bowery Ballroom here in New York City.

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    Concert: Local Natives at The Bowery Ballroom
    MP3: "Sun Hands"
    Local Natives on Myspace

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