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    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2008

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    cory chisel @ electric ladyland studio - chris gayomali

    The CMJ Music Marathon is arguably the biggest, most extravagant, most ubiquitous music festival in New York City. Spread over five days, dozens of venues, hundreds of shows, and tons of bands all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. Many New Yorkers don't even realize they are attending a CMJ show until they get there; others front the hefty sum for a badge and attend multiple shows a night. College radio stations from around the country send delegates to scout new talent. Showcases highlight genre specific acts. And blogging skyrockets harder than Radiohead making headlines. It's a time of joy for music fans in the big apple.

    Today, we've got not one, but two feature perspectives from this year's festivities. First off, our man Joe Puglisi took one for the team, agreeing to brave early morning schedules and competing day parties to hit up plenty of panels. Check out his reports HERE. This of course left David Pitz to do the fun part...seeking out the best new talent ushered in to NYC by the helping hand of the marathon. Read about his Top 10 finds HERE.

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