Mitski's Greatest Tweets
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    NY-based indie rocker Mitski writes and performs deeply honest and emotional music. It is tinged with darkness and slight cynicism, and although she tends to always bring it back full circle and find the good in the little things, her dream pop/rock sound and sad storytelling are best used for getting through hard times. So when I visited her Twitter page, I was shocked to find out she's like, the coolest, funniest person ever. And in addition to being cool and funny, she's also super relatable. It's so relatable, that she gets hundreds -- thousands -- of responses every time she says something. Her Twitter is one of those accounts where you feel the need to retweet every damn tweet because it is just so up your alley. After obsessively following her for a few months and constantly thinking about how best friend-able she is, I've decided to dig deep into her history and compile her very best tweets, so that everyone can enjoy them as much as I do. She is a must-follow. [Side note: Mitski's twit pic is a blurry shot of her pouring NyQuil into her Starbucks cup, so there's that.]

    Yup, every day, sister:

    So inspiring:

    She's got good taste in music:

    She understands Drake on a psychological level:

    She emo AF:

    She's like, basically everyone's mother:

    She's got a clever imagination:


    She's an 80's lover:

    She doesn't understand flirty young people slang:

    Fluorescent lights are gross:

    She knows how to satisfy herself:

    She uses Airbnb just like the average person. She's also not judgmental:

    She is the master of city walking/emailing:

    There is nothing privately pathetic about that:

    This one made me literally laugh out loud:

    She's just too relatable:

    And too cool:

    AND THERE ARE SO MANY MORE. It overwhelmingly goes on forever. Mitski, I don't want to insult you in any way, but I'm pretty sure you and I are the same person (but you're a way better version obvi). Let's be BFFs. Now. Like right now.

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