Andrew Bird And Jim James' Protest Song 'Sic of Elephants' Is More Relevant Now Than Ever
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    As a part of his video series debuted in July, violin virtuoso Andrew Bird brought My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James to his living room to help him perform an updated version of his protest song "Sic of Elephants" from his 2008 EP Soldier On. The two of them played a short set covering various protest songs including Woody Guthrie's "Changing World" and the Velvet Underground's "I'm Set Free." They then moved into a moving, stripped down rendition of "Sic of Elephants." Jim James provides stellar background vocals, and the two create an incredibly timely performance of the song protesting conservative politics. The song may have been written years ago as a general criticism of the GOP, but lyrics like "Money made your eyesight all blurry" and "Can't you see how dangerous / The one you chose is" seem almost perfect to describe the Donald Trump candidacy. Their barefoot performance and minimalist recording hearkens back to the early days of folk.

    This video series, entitled "Live From The Great Room," features Andrew Bird bringing friends and fellow musicians into his living room to perform covers of classic songs, as well as favorite cuts from their own, and Bird's, discography. So far in the series, Bird has already brought artists like Chris Thile, John C. Reilly, Blake Mills, and Fiona Apple into his house for these recordings. The result is a bunch of lo-fi recordings and videos that capture combine a DIY ethos with amazing music. These recordings strip the songs they cover down to their basics, and present them back to the audience, accompanied by the masterful violin music created by Bird. Altogether, this series has proved to produce amazing music, and we will be following its progress.

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