Album Review: Coldplay
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Chris Martin has repeatedly said Mylo Xyloto is a made up name with a purpose, to sound like nothing the band—or anyone else for that matter—has done before. Tricky ground for Coldplay, who have been accused of plagiarism before and again borrow one of their most poignant new riffs from another recording (this time with the proper credit given at least). Add another potentially derisive angle in the idea of "the concept album", a loose narrative following Mylo through his romance with an unnamed woman who he winds up leaving, and this project is beginning to sound like the misguided noodling of a star too big to fail. But all the muck aside, the songs themselves play out in traditional Coldplay fashion, with fanfare and gravity, and the criticisms of those who find the band fruity or too bombastic seem to melt away with the fantasy of confetti and blown-out arenas. Coldplay knows their target demo.

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