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    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2010

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    OK Sweetheart is the new alias for singer/songwriter Erin Austin's collaboration with arrangers and bandmates Rob Gungor and McKenzie Smith. Formerly working under her own name, Austin won a Lennon award in 2008 for her debut single "You Let Me Down." The group has since come through with many more awesome tunes.

    Most of the songs are melancholic, but they have a winning, late-60's sound that has been aptly compared to Randy Newman and the Zombies. Austin's voice fits the material like a glove, and the simple arrangements flesh out the tracks nicely without being overwhelming. Like most emotionally charged pop, the subject matter oscillates from the sad to the optimistic, with Austin's quality tunes patching up all of the wounds the band could possibly sing about.

    OK Sweetheart is currently on the West Coast leg of a US tour, so if you're west of the Rockies make sure to check these guys out. -peter menniti

    OK Sweetheart on Tour
    10/27 - District 301/Betsy's Bar, Austin, TX
    11/3 - Muse Music, Provo, Utah
    11/6 - Venue TBA, Seattle, WA
    11/7 - Rontom's, Portland, OR
    11/9 - Hotel Utah, San Fransisco, CA
    11/11 - Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA
    11/12 - Gypsy Den, Santa Ana, CA

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