Hey Taylor, Less Is More
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    I don't think the phrase "less is more" exists in Taylor Swift's vocabulary. The pop superstar puts forth her latest attempt to appear as a sexy cyborg in her new video for "...Ready For It?". The video opens with a bunch of graffiti on grungy walls. The camera follows Taylor strutting in some seductive, black ensemble to meet her nude Ghost In The Shell self who has supernatural powers.

    The heavy sci-fi elements elicit this hyper-punk vibe that feels contrived, and dare I say, extra. An epic battle between these two Taylors proceeds. Glass smashes, lightning shoots out of Taylor's robot fingers, and sometime in the midst of all of this, I zone out and forget that this is a song about falling in love with some dude. Is she trying to top her "Bad Blood" video? Just because the label would technically let you spend millions of dollars on a video doesn't mean that you necessarily should.

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