EAR CANDY: Songs To Bump When The Sugar Rush Hits
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    I trust that you all know Halloween is right around the corner. And with Halloween comes not only tricks, but TREATS! I'm actually trying to cut sugar out of my diet right now since that shit's basically poison, but I might make a small exception for the spooky holiday. Because you know what the best part about candy is? Besides the wonderfully sweet sensation in your mouth? The sugar rush that comes after consumption. When you're all hyped up, you can't just try to go to sleep, you must use the energy for good! So here are 10 upbeat songs that will act as a perfect outlet for getting all of that energy out of your body while you dance the night away.

    1. "Sugarboy" - St. Vincent

    Well isn't this just the most perfect addition to the list? Maybe we should just end it here… Not only is "sugar" literally in the title, but it's also a manic dance song with a BPM so high it'll make you feel like you just snuffed up some drugs before taking the dance floor (but that feeling is really just the BPM combined with the Sour Patch Kids, don't worry).

    2. "When I Was Young" - MØ

    With its sleek production and wildly rowdy and intense bass drop, there's no way you're not going to want to try to get even lower than that bass.

    3. "Bellyache" - Billie Eilish

    Okay, so it starts out as a bit of an acoustic tale, but be patient. It quickly bursts into the most epic chorus that will have you bouncing everywhere in no time.

    4. "Motor Sport" - Migos, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj

    With the holy trinity of rappers, how can you not instantly feel on top of the world?

    5. "Disco Tits" - Tove Lo

    This is THE dance song of the year, and will have you moving until 3:00 am AT LEAST. Plus, the lyric "I'm fully charged" will take on a whole new meaning.

    6. "Feelings" - Hayley Kiyoko

    This song will not only get you dancing, but it'll have you connecting with all of your "feelings" - ha, get it?

    7. "Colors" - Beck

    This song is so happy and dancey… Plus, at this point you've probably eaten so much candy you're seeing colors!

    8. "How Long" - Charlie Puth

    Again, this is such a musically danceable song. It's giving me J. Timberlake vibes. Whether or not you actually have a partner who cheated on you, you will be able to dance your heart out to this one.

    9. "Never Let You Go" - Kygo ft. John Newman

    If you're a person who gets pumped up with sing-a-long choruses, John Newman's anthemic chant with have you hooked immediately upon impact.

    10. "Taste" - Rhye

    This song is for when you're starting to come down from your sugar high - it's a little more chill so you can start zoning out, but it's still got some rhythmic bounce so you can sway from left to right as you change into your PJs.

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