The Shins Have Been Resurrected With 'Dead Alive'
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    The Shins emerged in the early 2000s as the mainstream indie rock boom was beginning, and quickly became a prominent band in the scene. Their affiliation with indie darling Zach Braff gave them an enormous audience, especially after their breakout single "New Slang" became a hit after it was featured on Braff's debut film, Garden State. The band continued to grow in popularity, touring with Modest Mouse and becoming a fixture in the scene, until the group fell apart with frontman James Mercer as the only member with a group of cycling musicians backing him. Mercer released one album as this unfixed group, which gave The Shins their highest charting single in 2012. Since then the project seemed to be on hiatus, only re-emerging once for to provide a song for Zach Braff's latest film soundtrack in 2014.

    Now The Shins are back, with a sound heavily reminiscent of their earlier releases, though the only remaining member from that era is Mercer. The band released their first single and music video for their upcoming album. Their newest song, "Dead Alive" features a folkier, more organic sound than their more recent albums, and arrives with a throwback 2000s looking video. The music video features goofy, trippy visuals and cheesy special effects depicting enormous hands manipulating a model city Mercer lives in. This song may capture the attention of many early The Shins fans who were disappointed with the band's last album for its more electronic, pop production.

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