Is Charli XCX Losing Her Mind?
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    You know who we really love? Charli XCX. The pop singer/songwriter has been our one true love since day one... For forever and always. When True Romance arrived, we lost our shit. "Nuclear Seasons," "You (Ha Ha Ha)," and "What I Like" were all great tracks with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. Her attitude was fresh and sassy, but still had a tinge of natural, girl-next-door sweetness to it. Then Sucker came along in 2014 and oooooomg, yas queen, yas. Her sound went from dream-ish pop to SUPER DUPER POP in a flash, with hit songs "Break The Rules," "Boom Clap," and "Doing It," and we still loved it -- possibly even more than before.

    Now, we are waiting for new music. Earlier this year in February, she released Vroom Vroom, a four-track EP, but she has been teasing her third full-length record a lot lately... And along with the promo for the new album (and a new song out real soon), we've noticed a slight personality change. Charli seems to be adopting a more "IDGAF" attitude (yes, even more than before), and we can't tell if we should be worried for her health or think it's the greatest thing ever. I think it's the latter.

    In her recent cover story with The Fader, Charli said, "If I make a party record, I can go on tour and party every night," does that mean that she's actually going to go out and party every single night? I mean, I'm younger than her and I can't handle that, so I guess I should respect it? Won't she get tired? She then went on to say, "Sometimes it's like, I would rather talk about my boobs and the outfits that I just bought." Yeah Charli, totally...

    However, we aren't just curious about some of the things she has said in the press. One of the things that has us wondering if the mental hospital is in her future is her Twitter account. Her recent tweets are f*cking hilarious, featuring tons of coffin, knife, and champagne emojis. We love it and we also fear it.

    Charli sporting bright blue eyeshadow, bright red lipstick, and jewels that cost millions, downing champagne that's being poured from above. ON A TUESDAY:

    Charli takes a cute 'n' innocent phase and turns it into something murderous and psychotic. Please don't kill us:

    Where'd all those suds come from? Why are you so wet?:

    WTF is this single about tho:


    Charli, that is SO not good:

    And yeah, the list goes on... Those are all super recent tweets, too.

    So, is Charli going crazy? Or does she just not give a f*ck anymore? Either way, it's super entertaining. We're excited to find out and we love her either way. But she's def a cray cray girlfriend who will spontaneously kill her boyfriend for no good reason in the back of a club after drinking too much champagne. Then she'll take it even further and bury him in a cute-as-hell pink, possibly furry, coffin. RIP.

    Also #TBT to that amazing Charli XCX performance we filmed a few years back:

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