6 Horror Soundtracks to Play this Halloween that Aren't from the 60's
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Nick Chow

    There are only a few more days until Halloween, but let's not pretend that we haven't been prepping for it ever since October 1st. If you're a fright fanatic like me, your home has been decked out with skeletons and fake blood for about two weeks, and you've done so many "test runs" with your costume that you're practically sleeping in it. But maybe you're struggling with putting together a Halloween playlist, despite your extensive horror movie collection that you keep on top of that old chest in your room that should never be opened no matter what you see or hear. Soundtracks from old 60's horror movies are always a safe bet, but we've all heard most of them before (I will scream if I hear something from the Halloween soundtrack again, and it won't be out of fear). If you're looking for some modern horror soundtracks that are just as bone-chilling as the oldies, then why don't you take a look at these.

    1. Under the Skin (2013) Soundtrack

    Under the Skin is a movie about an alien who disguises itself as a woman and drives around Scotland to abduct men and... drown them in black goo? I never had time to watch the movie, but the soundtrack is unnerving as hell! What sets it apart from a lot of horror music is the quality of the strings. It's more metallic than instrumental, but somehow still holds a pitch. There's also this slow, muffled drum beat that comes in and out throughout the whole soundtrack to let you know when things are getting serious.

    2. Evil Dead (2013) Soundtrack

    Whether or not you prefer the 1981 original over the 2013 remake, this soundtrack is pretty intense. It sticks with what works best in a lot of horror movies; analog orchestration. Shrieking strings, erie piano melodies, pounding timpani drums, it has it all. It isn't reinventing anything, but it shows that you can still get new and enjoyable work using old methods. It also has a choir that chants things at you to get you really pumped. Time to crack open that Necronomicon Ex-Mortis!

    3. Room 237 (2013) Soundtrack

    Room 237 isn't a horror movie. Instead, it's a movie about Rodney Ascher's analysis on Kubrick's The Shining. A documentary about a horror movie still counts as a horror movie, right? Well, if that's not true, the soundtrack to Room 237 would say otherwise. Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson whipped up a soundtrack that embodies the same kind of terror that's experienced in Kubrick's psychological horror film.

    4. Dead by Daylight (2016) Game Soundtrack

    Dead by Daylight is a slasher horror video game that was released back in June. The soundtrack stays true to its roots without sounding old by mixing in elements of hardcore metal with classic horror orchestration. This music will make even a Michael Meyers costume scary again.

    5. Lost Themes by John Carpenter (2015)

    If you're uncomfortable moving away from the classics, then at least take a listen to John Carpenter's Lost Themes. It's not a movie soundtrack, but it's an album full of new work from him. They all hold the same amount of tension, mystery, and suspense that his classic work has. If you're looking to swap out your Halloween movie tracks with something new, then this is what you want. Besides, the only thing that can replace John Carpenter music is more John Carpenter music.

    6. It Follows (2014) Soundtrack

    This list isn't following any order at all, but I had to save this soundtrack for last because it is one of my absolute favorites. It's terrifying. The soundtrack from the movie It Follows was composed by Disasterpeace, and the synth work will make you shiver. If you want to really get scared on Halloween night, then listen to this. It'll do the job.

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