The Baeble Next: The Garage Punk Revival of Public Access TV
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    It's time to find a sweaty dive/rock club here in New York City, down as many beers as your body can handle, and bang your head/lose your voice, lost in the music and intensity of some good old fashioned rock & roll. And sometimes that's exactly what you need from a rock band: something with so much energy and rock swagger that you want to spill your beer all over a concert hall and maybe permanently damage your neck cause you're banging along so hard. And NYC gives us so many of those great bands -- The Strokes and Interpol -- and Public Access T.V. are positioning themselves to be the next breakout band of that scene.

    Public Access T.V. released their debut EP earlier this summer, and these New York boys have been generating a ton of buzz around their sweat-drenched post-punk/garage rock vibes, and as much as we love music that we have to sit and really ponder, sometimes we just need to rock the f*** out, and Public Access TV are here to do that. They're going to be playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg on 10/27, and we're pretty sure Williamsburg is going to get its hipster teeth kicked down its throat in a night of unvarnished rock & roll.

    I hear a lot of post-punk and garage rock on "Patti Peru." Were there acts like that -- Interpol or The Strokes for example -- that were influences on you as a band?

    Public Access T.V.: I don't exactly know how those bands influenced me, but I was 12 years old when "is this it" came out and it blew my mind.

    As a New York band with this city's history of great garage/punk/rock bands, what does it take to stand out with a rock sound today?

    I think a lot of bands today get a little too obsessed with what they come across like or look like. We try to push all the bullshit out of the way and just focus on writing good songs.

    Your debut EP came out earlier this year. What has this reception to your first round of music been like for you guys?

    It's all really exciting for me. We've been touring a lot both in America and overseas. We are really looking forward to releasing a record that comes out everywhere at the same time and not just a song here and there. All we wanna do is put out music we can stand behind and constantly tour.

    There's another track on the single that "Patti Peru" is on. If folks are digging this raw, punk cut, what can we expect from "In Love And Alone."

    In love and alone was the first track we recorded while making our record. Our lives were pretty crazy at the time and we were so fucking anxious to record. It's done in the same way..recorded live at together as a group. I might very well be even more raw? More punk? We used the first take..

    Do you all have any plans on releasing an LP in the next year or so? Most definitely. Early 2016 we are gonna be putting out our debut record.

    Like I said, we just wanna be fucking busy. Down time is a slow death for all of us.

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