Florence And The Machine Drop The Latest Entry In Their Music Video Melodrama
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    Florence + The Machine is slowly creeping up behind Tarantino. Labeled as "The Odyssey," videos for music off her stunning record How Big How Blue How Beautiful, videos chapter 1 through 5 have been released, and now we have six. "Delilah (The Odyssey Chapter 6)" is a cocktail, dry and shaken well. The mini-series is a catastrophic caress that documents the internal conflict of the main character (played by Florence) who is either uncontrollably in love, or deeply haunted by it. There's sensuality like none other; there's the ever looming darkness, plenty of cut scenes, and enough of Florence's impassioned, constantly contorted body under her Ruby red hair to last a lifetime.

    Now let's not forget Florence + The Machine's undeniable musical talent. In chapter 6, the upbeat tempo is dance-hall ready and the duality of the vocals personalizes this song to be signature Florence + The Machine-y. If you haven't heard a masterpiece, here's one to listen to. If you haven't seen a music video that is neither, here's one to watch. Try to separate the burdened past from the poignant trap that is the present for Florence (Or is it Florence?) Here's the whirlwind journey of sounds and images entitled "Delilah."

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