Out And About: Milo Greene And Bombay Bicycle Club
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    On Wednesday night, after I braved the smog of the city skyline and ran (but more like waddled) to the upper east side, I took refuge in an underpass where the rain would unavoidably trickle down light fixtures and swell the moth-eaten wood that layered over concrete walls and ancient bordered doors.

    My reasons for being there, acclaimed acts Milo Greene and Bombay Bicycle Club were set to come on stage in an hour. So naturally, I was guzzling down the final drops of my whiskey and coke concoction before flashing my badge and wandering off into the cold eggshell corridors of the venue.

    And by the time the crowd found their place in front of the stage, Milo Greene, with all of their existing valor, marched one by one ready to bless the crowd with their music. Eventually allowing acting members, Robbie Arnett, Graham Fink, Andrew Heringer, Curtis Marrero and Marlana Sheetz, to storm through their songs with passion and perfect precision with the impression that if we kept listening, they'd keep playing. Thankfully though, wherever Milo Greene left off, Bombay Bicycle Club surely began.

    Often I'd survey the crowd and try to understand the dynamic between the audience and the band. Where the die hard fans were jumping in place in the front row, flipping off the photographers for being in their way, and the drunk and disorderly danced alone in the back.

    It's an odd scene that, when I look back on it, triggers the possibility that aside from the all-too-rowdy fans in the front row, the rest of audience were there to simply see a good show. They didn't have to remember the lyrics or know every note of that killer guitar solo. No — They came to hear good music. And thanks to Milo Greene and Bombay Bicycle Club, that's exactly what these brave Wednesday night concert goers got.

    Check out the photos below:

    Bombay Bicycle Club

    Milo Greene

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