Cool Buzz: Eden xo Exclusive
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    How freakin' cute is Eden xo?! Pop-music's newest star is pretty much killing it right now. She just finished up a nationwide radio tour, her single, "Too Cool To Dance," is being played on major morning shows like, Today, and she's slaying stages everywhere she goes. Baeble had the opportunity to throw a few questions at this soon-to-be mega star and it's safe to say she's kinda the best. Check out what she had to say about Cheetos, being starstruck, and her favorite thing to keep her close to home while on the road!

    Is there ever a time when anyone should be Too Cool To Dance?

    Maybe if it's a depressing song at a funeral or something... Then I'd say it's ok to kick back.

    What is the most surprising or unexpected thing to happen to you as a recording artist?

    Probably to get to write songs with some of my musical heroes. I've written 3 songs with Tony kanal from no doubt, and even though we have become actual good friends now I still kind of pinch myself because No Doubt is one of my all time favorite bands.

    What do you always have on the road with you to keep you close to home?

    I have a little stuffed dog version of my dog Moca (like the museum not the coffee) that my boyfriend got me. I snuggle it at night in different hotel beds.

    Have you ever written a song about something silly like Cheetos and was interpreted as something insanely deep and meaningful?

    Probably, can't think of an example... But the opposite happens too where people think a song is happy and it's actually not.

    Do you like Cheetos? Would you ever write a song about them? If not, what junk food do you think you could draw inspiration from?

    I do like Cheetos! I'm pretty sure they're all chemical and so I think they're vegan. I also love takis! They're so spicy I like the burn wile eating them! It's like the sweetest torture.

    What is your favorite statement making stage outfit or accessory?

    I like to wear fun jewelry.. Like ghetto gold Jewlery.. That's been my thing since middle school in the 909.

    What is your most commonly used emoji?

    White poodle. I'm obsessed with him! I put him subtlety for a quick second on my home made gif video for "not too cool to dance" if you look hard enough you will find him!

    Choose one to collaborate with and tell us why: Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus or Iggy Azalea?

    Nicki. We toured together in 2011 and just got along really well. I love her and I respect her as a writer, performer, and strong woman. I'd love to write a song with her.

    What song or album can immediately transport you back to another time?

    Blink 182 enema of the state. Reminds me of when I first started going to concerts at 13 or 14...

    If you had the chance to have any vanity license plate, what would it say?

    Vanity plates are stupid. I take photos of ridiculous ones all the time.. My phone has some good ones!

    Best life advice youve ever received that resonated with choices you've made in your career?

    My mentor, Kay Hanley, would always say, "Before you react, is what you're about to say kind, true, and necessary?" Kind and true are usually up for debate and can be argued, but the real kicker: "is it necessary?"that's saved me a lot!

    What music artist would make you fan-girl out and get nervous if put in the same room?

    Already happened when I met Gwen Stefani a few months ago. Tony introduced us. I forgot how to speak. I suppose it would happen again for Madonna, but that's kind of it.

    What song do you wish you had penned?

    Rolling in the deep by Adel. It's still on repeat when I get ready sometimes.

    What is the best thing about your fans?

    They're loyal and committed and growing. I love them for evolving with me. They inspire me every day.

    Every artist has a legion of fans who call themselves something (i.e.: Miley Smilers, Ariana Grande Arianators etc.), what are Eden xo's fans calling themselves?

    There are a couple groups, so I'll take this opportunity to shout them out! There are the edenauts, the dreamaholics, and the fannequins. Then there are fans who've added "xo" to their names on social media which I think is really cute!

    Get Eden xo's single "Too Cool To Dance" HERE

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