7 Artists Who Think Every Day is Halloween
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    Something ineffable and beautiful happens when one puts on a costume: we are consumed by a force greater than ourselves, our inhibitions drift away, and we're able to express another part of our persona that usually remains safely hidden. And guess what everybody, our favorite excuse to play dress-up is right around the corner! For some, though, one day a year just isn't enough to satisfy this urge towards the absurd. The following seven artists seem to think every day is Halloween. Go for it, freaks (and I mean that as a term of endearment!). Live your truth.

    Riff Raff is Halloween ready down to his skivvies! Starting from the tip of his questionable hairstyles, traveling to his notoriously strange snake-like chinstrap beard, and continuing down his neck and all over his body through gauche tattoos of logos of MTV, BET, the NBA to name a few. Like RiFF RAFF says in his song "Dolce and Gabbana": "My life is like a movie/It's a scary movie!", it's Halloween all the time for this guy!

    Katy Perry
    She's a cake! She's a Christmas tree! She's Aphrodite! She's in the army? She's dice! She's a cat! SHE'S GOT FUCKING FIREWORKS SHOOTING OUT OF HER TITTIES! Ms. Perry sure does love to transform.

    Lady Gaga
    Gaga has been setting the stage for avante-garde costume wearing little monsters for years now...remember that time she was apparently arrested because police mistook her for a prostitute?

    Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj is known for her strange and dynamic voices, which she uses to embody an array of different characters that she has has in her vocal arsenal. Her outfits serve pretty much the same purpose, each one more outrageous than the last.

    Miley Cyrus
    For the sake of subverting the pop culture canon, I'd really like to come up with just one list that doesn't mention Miley, but, alas, this girl likes to get WEIRD! (anybody take note of the ice-cream pasties outfit?)

    Ariana Grande
    This squeaky clean little kitten looks like a living American Girl doll every time she steps into the light of day. Complete with bouncy hair extensions, match-y outfits, matte porcelain skin, and those haunting, empty eyes..."Samantha", anyone?!?

    Jared Leto
    I was once a Butterfly Princess for halloween. Jared Leto is a butterfly prince err day.

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