Introducing: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    Orlando Higginbottom seems to have an interesting relationship with names. While his own sounds like a Harry Potter character, his recording name Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has gotten even more attention. Once people are able to get pass the absurdity of Higginbottom's recording name, they are left with a blend of dance genres that actually have some substance behind them.

    Below is a crash course in all things T.E.E.D. He just came off some knockout performances at last week's CMJ festival, but in this short introductory film, we meet the man underneath the stegosaurus hood as he is getting ready to play the Melt Festival in Germany. You'll get to hear Higginbottom's brutally honest words on the music he makes and the music scene in general while also discussing some dinosaur facts and confetti guns. As he puts it himself, "I'm just a producer who has ended up dressing up as a dinosaur and singing." Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs below.

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