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    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2010

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    Photos by Michelle Geslani. For more shows, check out our photo section

    The NYC-based music publication, The Deli, had quite a CMJ week with more than three different showcases. Each bill highlighted not only up-and-coming talent from the area, but did so in a very organized fashion: by genre. Talk about specific and ambitious. But a move like that pays off &mdash the talent I saw that Tuesday night, the "Indie Pop" night, was well-curated. Out of more than six artists, three stood out.

    Milagres, a synth-laden outfit, did dark and catchy, harmonious pop. They played one of the earliest slots of the CMJ Festival, around 7:30pm, but I foresee an uptick in buzz about them.

    Mike Del Rio, usually an electronic act, played an unplugged set. I hadn't yet seen them in their original form, but judging from the songwriting and vocal chops that I witnessed during their acoustic set, there's something that screams uber catchy alt-pop-rock. Whether as acoustic-guitar toting singers or palpitating rock stars, the group is highly talented.

    Lastly, Living Days kind of scared my pants off (you'll know when you see the photos). The music is electro-pop-meets-insane-garage-rock-party. Smoke machine, flower arrangements strewn all over the stage, and a frontwoman to die for, this band knows how to sell the whole package. Honestly, the frontwoman put on one of the best, most entertaining shows I've seen in awhile. If only all musicians were even 20% as active as her (she jumped on and off the stage, sang face-to-face with audience members, played with balloons, threw flowers, etc.), every show ever would probably be about 10x more satisfying. -michelle geslani

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