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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2009

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    Label big-wigs were pre-gaming pretty hard, I'm told, for this super-hyped show featuring of-the-moment four person hype-machine The XX. It kind of felt like everyone was there. And they were all trying to stand in front of me. I'm talking to you, bald guy! Ugh.

    I waited in line (surprise!) to get in, which usually means I'm in the right place. I also met some nice people while biding my time, including the very talented Tim Griffin, who takes pictures for Brooklyn Vegan, and makes me look like a thirteen year old with a disposable camera at the school dance (modesty). He is a nice guy. We had a few laughs (they may have been directed at some unbelievably ridiculous characters on the street).

    Whether or not this show turned out to be an A&R dream/nightmare will be up to the suits to decide. I just take-a tha' pictures. Also, Javelin put on a pretty decent rendition of many pop songs you might know, by obscuring them completely with wacky vocal effects and some seriously deep-Brooklyn beat aesthetics. Go get em', spiral noises! -joe puglisi


    The XX

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