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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2009

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    If you are the girl I met at Canal Room, please call me. My number is 914-682-959 JUST KIDDING! But seriously, I need to stop meeting people! And I've seen so much music my brain feels like Bill Cosby should be advertising it. But it's alive? So let's recap my misadventures on day three of the marathon.

    Of course I am a sucker for Happy Hollows so I went to see the Aquarium Drunkard day party at Fontana's, and it was pretty sweet. Of course they picked the moment I ran to the bar to get a beer to dedicate a song to me, but whatever, we're best friends now! Let's make bracelets.

    HH also turned me on to Local Natives, the so-called "biggest band in L.A." But to be fair, they killed it. They played again and one of our editors caught it, so that is a picture for another post.

    Later, after a hearty nap or two, I checked out the ASCAP showcase at The Canal Room. The ASCAP suits were out in full force, sippin' on Bacardi (sponsored by Bacardi probably, all rights reserved). The night was a reminder of the other side of CMJ... the big showcases for big companies that struggling, yet accomplished bands play, hoping to break out of their slumps. I saw a few of these bands, although they weren't that bad! Most notably, Casxio was seriously bumping. They even got the whole accounting department to shake it! They put on a great show. It was worth the eight or nine people who gave me their demos in the hopes of getting a record deal with "Bablefish Music Company" or whatever they thought they heard me say (lay off the Bacardi, aspiring artist). -joe puglisi

    Pictures: Casxio @ Canal Room
    Casxio on Myspace

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