Now Playing:  The Blurry-Eyed, Inebriated Energy of Skinny Lister
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    We wish we had stocked the mini-fridge a bit before Skinny Lister's arrival for their recent session with us. Stouts, ales, maybe a handle of Irish Whiskey or Scotch. There's just something about this six-piece, English folk group that makes you want to bend an elbow for an hour or two. Even in the stone cold sober hour of a bright and sunny weekday afternoon, there's a blurry-eyed, inebriated energy zipping through their music.

    Swinging by our home in Brooklyn with three songs from their newest, Xtra Mile Recordings release The Devil, The Heart, and The Fight, the band offered their personal, busk-ready sound powered by guitar, standup bass, accordion, mandolin, and sing-along vocals. Through three charming songs ("Grace", "Hamburg Drunk", and "Geordie Lad"), Skinny Lister stomp and holler, turning our modest office setting into a drunken, 2AM pub, at least in spirit. We also talked with singers Dan Heptinstall and Lorna Thomas about the roots of their traditional folk-meets-punk aesthetic and why their fans seem to fall so hard for what they do. "We find generally, wherever we go, people like to drink, they like to have a dance, and they like to have a sing," Lorna told us. So crack open a cold one, press play on our latest NEXT session, and get ready to sing and dance your heart.

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