The Weeknd Releases Inventive VR Video For 'The Hills' Remix
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2015

    • Posted by: Evan Jake Goldstein

    Well, that was awesome. There are very few times where we see something and our immediate reaction is "that right there is the future;" this is one of those rare occasions. The Weeknd has just released a VR music video for the Eminem remix of his the song "The Hills." Not only do we potentially prefer Eminem's remix to the original, but this new music video is absolutely amazing. It's an abridged version of the remix, under two minutes and an incredibly simple premise; The Weeknd walks past an exploding car; that's it. However it is executed flawlessly.It's possibly to see this as sort of a test for more of these VR music videos which we expect we will see a lot more of very soon. Watch it and see for yourself; maybe it's just a gimmick, but we see a lot of potential for this new technology in the music video world.

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