The Five Chief Collaborations of Taylor Swift
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    With the arrival of Taylor Swift's fourth album, Red, we can expect her to sing about what she knows best: heartbreak, heartbreak, and more heartbreak. Ever since her self-titled debut album at the age of sixteen, Swift has always drawn her inspiration from that same saddened stance on young love. Although she may be the innocent victim of a myriad of relationships that have seemingly plummeted over the years, her revenge isn't all that bad. The sensation has followed her, and with her most recent album, she is on the verge of being the first act in a decade with continuous debut weeks of a million sales. Hits Daily Double reported that the release of Red at Target was the highest single- day sale for anything sold in its history. I wonder how John Mayer/ Taylor Lautner/ Jake Gyllenhal/ Joe Jonas/ any other person who's broken Swift's heart feels about these ratings....

    It really seems as though Taylor's deepest sides don't just lie in her solo acoustic- rooted ballads. Her collaborations over the years seem to pull just as many heart strings as her tales of bitterness do.

    1. Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

    Taylor Swift's collaboration with fellow Nashville-based duo The Civil Wars shows her exploring a softer sweetness. This song was written for The Hunger Games' soundtrack. She cries, "hold on to this lullaby" as The Civil Wars enter into a chilling harmony in the chorus. Swift sounds somewhat out of breath, but this more emotional side highlights her true vocal ability.

    2. Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

    British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran links up with Swift for this track on Red. Her maturity both in subject matter and musical composition shine in this song. And to our relief, this song is more enthusiastic than her typical sob stories.

    3. B.o.B. ft. Taylor Swift

    If you had the awkward opportunity to watch T Swift's parody with T Pain, you will be happy to see her take a different approach to hip-hop. This collaboration with B.o.B. shows that Swift is not solely suited for country and pop music.

    4. Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus

    What do these two young ladies have in common besides achieving world fame before they were old enough to buy a lottery ticket? Two solid country voices. This duet, performed at the 2010 Grammy's, is a perfect match on all levels.

    5. Taylor Swift & Wiz Khalifa

    It's funny to see T Swift appear on another great rap collaboration. Wiz Khalifa molded Swift's "Mean" into smash the hit "Mean Planes." The synthesizing beats complement Swift's cries without tainting her original material.

    Did we miss a strong collaboration with Swift on our list? Let us know your thoughts.

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