that's a wrap: baeble on the bowery
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2010

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    Baeble on the Bowery featured five bands/artists we handpicked for their performance savvy, and in hindsight we picked some really great acts to capture on film. The Saturday afternoon event was a blast, with a nice crowd shuffling in and out of the basement of the East Village's Bowery Electric. Plenty of beer and free pizza kept the crowds happy, but the real draw was the eclectic mix of tunes, from buzzy New York rock to imported electro-pop.

    And it wasn't just another show to us, we really feel like the quality of the acts, and the size of the event were all a resounding success. Baeble on the Bowery is exactly what we're trying to do for all you live music fans; quality shows, awesome video, and new, exciting music.

    Oberhofer kicked off the event with a solid set filled with blog hits. Brad Oberhofer isn't from New York City, but the band and its noisey pop fits right in with the most obscure of Brooklyn art-rock. Scratch that, I'm not going to label it, because as Brad so eloquently told me, "Pigeonholing is bullsh*t."

    Young Man drew a large crowd. Their tunes have been the subject of much internet chatter, but these guys never lose their sense of modesty. Colin Caufield (the frontman of the project) is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. His dad even came to the show.

    Blood Red Shoes had a rough week prior to our show, with the loss of a computer and having a DC show cancelled on them. But their set at our party was as explosive as we could have hoped. They came off stage panting. These guys always give it 120%, making their two-piece setup sound bigger than most full bands. And it turns out they are as cool as the music they make. Needless to say, I've got a few new BRS endorsed, underground Brit bands to share with you guys.

    Holly Miranda recently relocated to LA, but has lost none of her charm. She did a stripped down set with just her guitar player, and the whole thing took on a sort of minimalist cool.

    Deluka wins the prize for most dedicated to party. Our headliner showed up at the doors and never left, hanging out with other acts and with the staff for the full duration of the show. Oh, and then they rocked.

    Keep your eyes on Baeble for all of these full shoots. Our CMJ videos start hitting the site next week! -joe puglisi

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