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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2010

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    Apex Manor was formed after singer and guitarist Ross Flournoy entered an NPR Monitor Mix songwriting challenge last November with his song "Under the Gun," an energetic musing on the creative process itself. The competition produced no immediate results, but it did help Flournoy overcome the demise of his former band The Broken West and get writing again. These new songs became demos with the help of a former bandmate, and Apex Manor was born.

    The end result of all this, one year later? An album, The Year of Magical Drinking to be released in January 2011 on Merge Records and a premier of the song that started it all on NPR's All Songs Considered blog. And now, a free mp3 release of "Under the Gun" to the whole of the internet. The final product features gritty feedback and distortion mixed with pounding drums and some catchy guitar and vocal hooks. Download below and enjoy!

    Apex Manor has professed plans to tour "extensively" in 2011, but specific dates have yet to be announced. Stay tuned, though. -peter menniti

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    MP3: "Under the Gun"
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