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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2010

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    Mash-up mastermind or supreme musical thief (depending on who you ask) Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk has revealed details about his as-yet untitled new album in an interview with Pitchfork posted earlier today.

    According to Gillis, this album will have unwitting features from a wide variety of artists including Black Sabbath, Fugazi, Rick Ross, Aphex Twin, Nicki Minaj and Soulja Boy. It is also to be his longest, most complex opus yet, clocking in at 65-plus minutes and "[jumping] around as far as possible in genre and style" with "more little breather-room elements." He promises, however, that his live sets will be as energetic and party-oriented as ever: "I'm not really trying to document a party on the album," he says; but he is rather hoping to air "all those ideas [he] came up with but maybe didn't have a place live.

    He also revealed that while he firmly believes that what he is doing should be legal, he still worries about a lawsuit: "'s hard to say you have no concern when the New York Times calls you a lawsuit waiting to happen." However, he has hope that the idea of his "unsolicited remixes" is less radical than it was when he initially released Night Ripper.

    Stay tuned for the album, which Girl Talk hopes to release by the end of this year. -peter menniti

    [Ed. Note: CAN'T WAIT.]

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