cmj: mumford & sons at mercury lounge
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2009

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    After being stuck in the back due to a minor time slot misunderstanding for the xx, I caught Mumford & Sons at the Mercury Lounge Wednesday night and boy do they sound good live. They just released their first full length album at the beginning of October called Sigh No More, and with song titles like "Thistle and Weeds", lots of banjo, and a sweet mustache to top it all off, pretty quickly you get a good idea of what these guys are all about. They are part of the London folk rock scene with that antique, not even vintage, I really mean antique aesthetic.

    Front man Marcus Mumford is very charming on stage, he's got that whole intense musician gaze down, and he even showed some percussion skills. I know their single "Little Lion Man" has gotten a nice amount of coverage, but honestly it's my least favorite of their repertoire. The rest of their set list highlighted their fine tuned musicianship and clever lyrics atop three part harmonies. I think Mumford & Sons are going to pick up steam soon, they're already really popular across the pond, they have pop appeal as well as substance, and trust me they're also super fun live.-amelia trask

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    Pictures: Mumford & Sons @ Mercury Lounge
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