Years & Years Tease New Song via Baz Luhrmann-Directed Short Film
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    A new Years & Years song entitled "Hypnotised" accompanies Baz Luhrmann's latest magical four-minute extravaganza. The short film, created for ERDEM x H&M, centers on a young man's dynamic experience upon entering a fanciful world drowned with flowers, candles, and visually striking humans.

    The lyrics fit with the film's dramatic storyline, too. The line "My heart has been hypnotized" circulates as the main character is captivated by a young, sophisticated beauty at first sight. He is clearly astonished by something extraordinary, and in this moment, the musical addition makes the intensity rise. The electro-pop thrust of the song erupts into something more pulsing as the camera flashes and snaps; people dance and pose for glamorous photos. The danceable parts of the song suit the film's celebratory elements, and the classical tones complement its pulsing romance. Ah, eternal spring - if only a world like this actually existed.

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