WTF WEEKLY: Justin Bieber Inks His Worst Tattoo Yet + MORE
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Cardi B gets kicked out of hotel, blames it on racism.

    After performing at the Times Union Center on Saturday night, Cardi B stayed at the Hilton Albany in Albany, New York - but not for long. The hotel kicked her and her crew out for smoking too much weed on the premises, except that Cardi swears they weren't smoking, and in fact this was just your classic case of racism!

    Around 1:00 am, people in the surrounding rooms called in with noise complaints and said that there was some bad weed stench coming from Cardi's room. Maybe the staff was just blazing up? Anyway, the staff then asked her crew to leave and the police were called. Cardi was actually sleeping during all of this, but when deciding to leave, her team woke her up. According to TMZ, there was no evidence that Cardi & Co. were actually being a disturbance, but they decided to leave anyway.

    Cardi responded later on Instagram (now deleted), explaining that she was sick, sleeping, and doesn't even smoke pot. She went on to say that everyone on her floor was white, and she has always heard stories of prominent racism in Albany and now she had finally experienced it for herself.

    2. Kid Rock isn't actually running for president, thank god!

    Remember when Donald Trump won the election and we thought, "hm, it can't get much worse than this"? Except then it did, when celebrities like Kanye West and Kid Rock decided that now they can run for president? Kid Rock had America shaking in its boots when he teased this possibility for a while. At first we thought it was a joke but then, you know, he made t-shirts, which made the whole thing feel frighteningly authentic.

    Well it looks like the whole world can let out an exhale now, because Kid Rock has reassured us that he is not actually running (probably after realizing that there were only two people who bought his "Kid Rock For US Senate" shirt, and they were Ted Nugent and Aaron Carter). The singer confirmed that his interest in politics was indeed all just a joke when he appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show yesterday morning:

    "Fuck no, I'm not running for Senate. Are you fucking kidding me? Who couldn't figure that out? I'm releasing a new album. I'm going on tour, too. Are you fucking shitting me?"

    A new Kid Rock album? Maybe I'd actually prefer him in politics...

    But then he took back his immediate repulsion, saying:

    "If they keep fucking with me in the papers and everything, I'm going to run. And I'm going to go to fucking DC, I'm going to beat the shit out of Debbie -- whatever the fuck her name is -- and then I'm going to go to D.C. and I'm going to smack the living shit out of all of them motherfuckers on the Hill."

    I'd say that with a mouth like that, there's no way he'll ever get to D.C., but then again, Trump is our president now, so I suppose anything is possible.

    3. Justin Bieber just got the world's worst tattoo.

    As if Biebz didn't already have some shitty permanent pictures drawn on him (re: that cross tattooed on his face), he has now officially debuted the world's worst tattoo, and it only takes up his entire body.

    He posted a video on Instagram and in it he shows off his torso, which looks dirtied by a lot of wet dirt or something (it's just the tattoo though) and then towards the end, he pans to a really nice infinity pool. Probably just to remind us of how rich he is, because he knows that after looking at those tats, we probably forgot. Yes, that is a nice view, but it won't keep the Bieber torso nightmares away tonight. Good try!

    So, in addition to adding a bunch of weird stuff on the bottom that I can't quite make out, it looks like Biebs also made some changes to his previous mistakes. He covered his huge "Son of God" tattoo on his abs, probably because he realized he is not the Son of God. I'm glad to see the bear and lion are still roaring above his nipples... He now has over 60 tattoos, and the new tattoo connects some of the existing torso tats. Is there such thing as a torso sleeve? Can we call this a "shirt"?

    A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

    A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

    Biebz is currently recovering from the stress of his cancelled tour, and an "insider" is linking the new tat to said recovery:

    "For a long time, it was just awful, but it's not anymore. Justin is seeing the beauty around him. He sees that his life is beautiful, that he's beautiful. He's young and rich, but that's not enough. He's now becoming emotionally and spiritually grounded, and the difference is written all over his face. It's beautiful to watch."

    Written all over his face? More like written all over his abs!

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