Bonobo's Video 'Break Apart' is a Voyeuristic Doozy
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    DJ/producer Bonobo has released a new video for his song "Break Apart" featuring Rhye. Directed by Spencer Creigh with no budget, it takes place in a motel room as we watch three different couples during their stay in separate 24-hour periods. They have no phones, TVs, or distractions - only each other in that single room. The clip sees each couple having their intimate moments, and something about the song and the video creates a feeling of both happiness and pain.

    "I wanted to create the sensation that you, as the viewer, are somehow participating in voyeurism by watching the video," explained Creigh in a press release. "There's this great dichotomy that you experience watching the video where you?'re simultaneously moved by watching these very authentic moments of true feeling and then this uneasy feeling that you're invading their privacy."

    "Break Apart" is off of Bonobo's new album Migration out now.

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