BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Window' by Magic Giant (Video)
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Today, we're excited to premiere Magic Giant's new video for "Window." It starts out as a typical sad story with two people fighting, but a fun plot twist quickly follows. As the sad girl sits in her room, members of the band come over and try to save her by literally climbing through her window. In attempt to actually get to the window, they use a trampoline, a ladder, the front door, rope, and even each other's bodies. When they do eventually make it up there, they make the girl feel better with hand puppets, puppies, and of course, music. The whole thing then somehow turns into a raging dance party. Not really sure how that happened, but I like it.

    The band told Baeble, "'Window' is a song of a naive, passionate love. The video is a blend of John Cusack's Say Anything and the classic tale of Rapunzel. Can Magic Giant save the day?" Paired with the song, which is already a burst of energy, this modern take on Rapunzel is fresh and uplifting. Plus, it shows just how charismatic the guys of Magic Giant are - everyone will want to be their best friend after watching this.

    "Window" is off of Magic Giant's latest album In The Wind, out now.

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