Drake Promises Another Year of Quality Music On His 30th Birthday
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    It was recently Drake's 30th birthday and to celebrate with his fans, the chart-topping rapper decided to hop on Beats 1 radio and release four new songs. Not just one -- four. And let's not forget that he like, just dropped an album a few months ago.

    These songs are in the vein of his latest couple releases, with deeply personal lyrics that reveal someone subsumed by the paranoia and anger that fame and exposure bring. To amplify this tone, Drake featured 21 Savage, an up and coming rapper from Atlanta, on his new song "Sneakin'". On this track, Drake deals with the double crossing and danger in his life that fame has wrought, a topic that has been present in his music from the beginning, but has become much more prominent in his latest projects. 21 Savage pairs with this theme perfectly, as his trademark sinister street stories deal with the same topic. Together, they create a song at home at a Halloween party with its paranoid tone.

    Thankfully, his next song, "Fake Love," doesn't follow the same musical tone, though its subject matter is similar. With it's bouncing tropical beat, the music of "Fake Love" is at odds with the lyrics about fake people and their false affection. The result is a type of song that Drake excels at... "emo rap" that you can dance to.

    Then, there are two other songs that he released but Universal later took them down and are no longer on Spotify or Apple Music. One of those songs is "Two Birds One Stone," where Drake takes a much more personal angle, deciding rather than speaking in generalities, to take specific shots at those in his life he has problems with. This begins with Drake, who has generally been silent on the Birdman-Lil Wayne beef, rapping, "free C5, how the f*ck we got the boss waiting?" a reference to the fact that Birdman has been preventing Lil Wayne (Drake's "boss" at Young Money) from releasing his Tha Carter 5 album. Drake then sends shot at rappers that have "made a couple chops" and now "think you Chapo." This line, and the ones that follow, all attack rappers who he accuses of using their past as low-level drug dealers to create a career rapping from the perspective of kingpins. This shot is vague, but most likely is directed at past Clipse member and now president of GOOD Music president Pusha T, who has dissed Lil Wayne and Drake for years. Most blatantly, though, Drake takes aim at Kid Cudi with the line "you were the Man On The Moon, now you just go through your phases." The line comes on the heels of Twitter disses from Cudi relating to Drake's use of ghostwriters, but will likely be seen by most as in bad taste, considering Cudi recently checked himself into rehab for depression. So much #BEEF.

    The other track is a remix he made of Dave's song "Wanna Know," where he keeps the UK rapper's chorus, but inserts his own verses. In it, Drake makes frequent references to UK Hip Hop and Grime culture, as well as the Caribbean slang and culture that influences both UK Hip Hop, as well as the Toronto Hip Hop Drake hails from. The hypnotic chorus and rattling hi-hats make for a head bobbing sound, and hopefully will draw attention to Dave, a great artist in his own right.

    Drake also announced an upcoming project entitled More Life which he describes as a "playlist" that may include other artists as well. Whatever this project will be, after this offering of quality songs, it's likely it will be a good collection of music.

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